Tuesday, July 19, 2005

J and Silent S

So in the past month, I took trips to MIT and U Mich. At Univ of Michigan, I met with a colleague and also visited with John from Ann Arbor, my former roommate of five years. That's him on the right, #47 for the Michigan Wolverines. He's a line - backer. Or maybe not. The trip was very cool, especially with John showing me everything there is to see in Ann Arbor. We saw a flamenco dancing troupe, considered nearly all things, ate iced custard, visited places like Ypsilanti, went to not one, but two Christian gatherings, ate super deep dish gut-busting pizza, drove by the only Trader Joe's in town, and canoed down a mist filled river surrounded by eight story tall rainforest canopy on either side. For reals, man!

So the other day, my darling and adventurous wife and I were walking along the San Gabriel River, performing treacherous river crossings (right) across a vast and barren wilderness when we came across one of Jessica's workers with PCC Math/Science Upward Bound. I dare say Irene had clear jumped off a bridge, quite in the middle of nowhere, and we came along as a huge rescue operation was in effect to rescue her from the raging rapids below (left). It was insane! And then we saw several others do the same. Under what compulsion, I do not know. Whether it be an attraction to the earth, or a loathing of the bridge, I cannot say. But every time, the bridge, in its magnanimity, always brought the people back safely, a fine example of Depression era morality... and construction.

In other news, I washed Chispita today and she's got all these nasty knots in her hair. It's unseemly. Unseemly, I say! I've also noticed that iPhoto, the Mac's digital photo library tool, has turned out to be an enemy. It takes FOR-EV-ER to do simple tasks, like "go back" or even "letting me use the mouse". When I want to look at a photo, sometimes it is quick, and sometimes it takes the aforementioned eons. I try to remind it, "C'mon, this isn't that complex" but to no avail. The spinning color wheel (Mac's version of the endlessly rotating hourglass) retorts, "You don't understand. This is, for some entirely unknowable reason, extremely complex".

In conclusion, Jessica and I recently got the games Scrabble and Rummikub, both of which Adam Yates seems to be the master of. In reward, we gave him a day's meat. But we're a-Scrabblin' and a-Rummikubin' to catch up. And if anyone else wants to play, let us know. Or I'll sick iPhoto on you!


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