Tuesday, May 18, 2004



Compromiso matrimonial

For those of you who haven't heard, I'm engaged to be married to the smart, lovely, and altogether wonderful Jessica. She is the woman I want to do life with. We walked up a hill for a little hike and skipped down it hand in hand as fiance and fiancee. If you've known us for any length of time, this won't come as a surprise to you. We're so happy!! I announced the engagement in church on Sunday to wild applause. It will be Pastor Ralph of Pasadena Foursquare who we would like to marry us.

We haven't set a date yet, but will be planning to plan to plan. My sister Natalie and her fiance Chris are getting married in November, so it will probably be after that, in January, February, or March. Unless we get crazy and have it in September.

In the olden days of Mexico, at this point my family would negotiate with her family and discuss my intentions. But as I am basically my own family out here, the only one of my kin in Southern California, I do it myself and talk to her mom about it. If she finds me worthy, then Jessica becomes my prometida, or promised one, and I her prometido. I actually already did this, or at least a practice of it, on Mother's Day. The only thing left is the traditional meal at Marie Callender's to seal the deal.

Our wedding will likely have a Mexican flavor and lots of Mexican elements. I can't think of what my recent ancestry can contribute... I don't know any traditions and have been to only one wedding in my family (Cory & Bryan's in 1992).

In other news, my mom, dad, and sister will be coming out for my graduation in mid-June. Maybe some of you can hang out with them. Also, my ten year high school reunion is July 31st. I was a Katella High School Knight from 1990 to 1994, in the heart of Anaheim, my hometown. Jessica & I plan to go (ahhh, Jessica & I...:)

Pardon my sappiness, but I'm in love and engaged to the most wonderful woman ever!!!