Wednesday, March 12, 2008

7:01 am

I woke up around 5:55 am. Somehow, I am not able to sleep through the night. I haven't in about 8 months... I wake up about every hour and a half to every 3 hours. No wonder I need nappies in the daytime!

So, here I am at one day from being 39 weeks pregnant. So, the latest news is that the baby is not in the right position for birth. He/she is breech. Our ob has scheduled our c-section as late as possible to give the babe a chance to turn around. We've been going to a chiropractor to try a technique that might help. We've also gone to the pool a couple of times, for me to do handstands underwater, see if that helps too.

Good news is that my mom is flying out to be with us for about 5-6 weeks. I am much relieved and look forward to her being here. She is very excited about the baby. She thinks it's a girl. Only God knows the baby's gender. :)

I am more and more looking forward to meeting the babe. Yes, I will miss the evening times where the babe makes itself known through movements seen on my belly. I will also miss Shane checking the heartrate. It took so long to be heard and now, it's great to be able to check it and be reassured. Especially on the days when the babe's movements have been slow or not noticeable. I will miss being pregnant, but I am just growing more and more curious to meet this little one. My two friends that were co-pregnant with me have each had their babies already. One came way early and the other just arrived this last weekend. The first was a surprise, a boy, and the second was known, a girl. Ours will be a surprise. We all wait and wonder. It's fun to receive predictions. Especially when they are opposing predictions based on the same observations! That is hilarious!

Well, somebody just woke up. So, I guess I either best get back to bed or start my day.... bed sounds good. Have a good day.