Thursday, February 28, 2008

Week 37

Two baby showers later, and we still haven't got all that we need. It is amazing how the list can be so long. Even when you've got what you think is enough there is always something out there that you gotta get. Then there are so many things that are so much just part of the business (reminds me of weddings). Anyhow, I am so thankful because we have gotten some really cute stuff. Some friends have knitted some really cute sweaters, hats, booties and blankets.... My mom wanted to knit me a blanket. She completed a cute beanie and booties. She was stressing over making a sweater, but I told her not to because there are plenty already. I've gotten several handmade articles of clothing and blankets. They are so cute that it's almost a shame that baby's outgrow them rather quickly.

Today, my rocking chair was delivered along with a new dresser. I am really motivated to complete the whole set up (could this be me "nesting"?). Last night I was up until 1:15 am rearranging and planning for the delivery of the dresser and rocking chair! I've already washed most of the clothes that will be immediately necessary. I made a funny discovery in doing so. I feel rather silly admitting this, but here goes. I've always known that babies have a special sweet smell (no, I am not talking about spit up and poop!). Most people will say it's sweet and that it eventually fades. I always thought that it was sweet and pleasant. So cute. Well while doing laundry, I discovered, that what I had always thought was the "sweet smell of a baby" was actually the smell of the special laundry detergent- Dreft! I guess I will find out what the "real" baby smell people are talking about soon enough.

In the last couple of weeks Shane's been able to listen to the baby's heart rate with a stethoscope. Pretty cool. We've been able to feel the baby hiccuping, too. Even though I am starting to feel more and more excited about meeting the baby, I am not yet excited about giving birth. The belly-movement-watching is too much fun! I am not ready to part with my belly!

As for the last post about the video... it apparently got a little over a thousand views in a week. That was enough to get Shane to remove it.

Alright, now I am just itching to get started with finalizing the bedroom/nursery setup. Gotta go now.

Thursday, February 07, 2008


Shane made a home video of me and my belly a few days ago. He put it up on youtube and linked to it from his facebook and myspace. In three days it's already been viewed 613 times!! It's been "favorited" 3 times, too. I gotta ask... WHY? It's only special, really, to him and me... okay maybe some family. He put music to it- which I think is sweet and the best part about it, but I just don't think my family has viewed it that many times. And there is no way of knowing who "favorited" it. I am getting creeped out. I think the video will be going down soon.

The weather has been nice. It isn't as cold as last week. But it did rain last night. It was "torrential." Of course, I just had our car washed/detailed on Tuesday! It still looks shiny, but there is mud on the sides. That really bums me out. But the real reason for the detailing is to help protect it from the salt that is on the roads. A while back we hit a bump that chipped off some paint on a side of the car near the tire. Well, that chip has started rusting. The detail did not remove the rust, but hopefully it will help keep it from growing. At some point we'll have to get it painted.

We are still on the look out for a new car. We were supposed to go this weekend that just passed. I didn't feel to well to be walking and getting in and out of cars so much, so we didn't go. Hopefully this weekend will workout better.

Today makes week 34... I can't believe how quickly the weeks are passing me by.