Sunday, January 30, 2005

Back from nuestra Luna de Miel


We're back from our first trip as husband and wife... the getaway with the most, from coast to coast. Here's a picture from the Blue Lagoon, Bahamas.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Through the eye of a needle


Most of us reading this are, by most measures, very wealthy. Recently I came across a passage in a popular early Christian writing of the first four centuries, the Shepherd written by Hermas, brother of Pius, bishop of Rome. It's from the first half of the second century. Hermas was a wealthy man in Rome and was concerned about how his wealth and business dealings could divert his heart from God. In a vision, an apparition appearing like a shepherd spoke to him and said, "You know that you slaves of God are living in a foreign land. For your own city is a long way from this one. If, then, you know your own city, where you are about to live, why are you preparing fields, expensive furnishings, buildings, and pointless rooms for yourselves here?

. . . You foolish, double-minded, and miserable person! Don't you understand that all these things belong to another and are under someone else's control?

. . . So take care. Since you are dwelling in a foreign land, fix nothing up for yourself except what is absolutely necessary . . .

Instead of fields, then, purchase souls that have been afflicted, insofar as you can, and take care of widows and orphans and don't neglect them; spend your wealth and all your furnishings for such fields and houses as you have received from God.

For this is why the Master made you rich, that you may carry out these ministries for him. It is much better to purchase the fields, goods, and houses you will find in your own city . . ."

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Slogan for the New Year


As 2005 arrived, the only obstacle to fun was a wooden barricade, which I heedlessly drove right by. In any case, the new year has arrived and every new year needs a new slogan. Anyone have ideas? Here're some.

  • Fully Alive in 2005
  • More Than Survive in 2005
  • Try Not to Connive in 2005
  • Learn How to Drive in 2005
  • Don't Talk No Jive in 2005
  • ...