Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Soda Fountain- Rush!

Shane and I went to the Soda Fountain on Fair Oaks, and it was a real treat. (Funny, that it took an imminent out-of-state move to get us to go and check it out.) It was fun. Especially since we met up there with, close friends, Monica and Jeremy. Shane had a funky coffee ice-cream soda drink, I had a rootbeer float, and Monica and Jeremy each had a sundae. We sat at the counter so we were able to watch as the attendant put together different kinds of icecream sodas, sundaes and other treats.
When Shane and I got there, a little after 8 pm, it was not very busy. Then all of a sudden, about 8:35, there was a serious rush! I felt bad for the "soda jerks" because the place closes at 9pm.